MEET John Davidson
He’s served in two special forces units and he’s rowed an ocean.
He’s been shot down in a helicopter, shot down in a plane and shot.
He’s been a kidnap for ransom hostage negotiator and an undercover solder.
He’s fought sixty foot waves and seasickness as he rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic alone.
He’s a father of four children.
Now he wants you to share the lessons he’s learned with you.

Who John helps
People who have faced tough times and need direction.
People who are sick of 9-5, of being glued to their desks and stuck to their phones.
People who want to rediscover the magic of the outdoors
People who want to learn the tools to help them reach their potential. 

How John helps
John left school at 15 with no qualifications. That’s why he’s a firm believer the world is a classroom and leads educational experiences indoors and outdoors to bring the best out of people; whether in a business or a school.  Find out more.

You can book John as a speaker to hear the inspiring story  of how he emerged from a tough childhood to be the man he is today.